Wednesday, January 11, 2012


These are the beautiful eyes I get to stare into so many times a day.
Often I will be talking to the other kids and I take a peek down and someone is looking up at me smiling and giggling while he still continues to feed.
I honestly think he thinks they are an extension of himself as he kneads, squeezes and prods often digging his little nails in as if to ask the milk to come more quickly.
I feel so lucky to be able to feed Woody so easily and really enjoy it.  I guess it comes from the fact that I was unable to breast-feed Cooper and that Pepper was the one who taught be how so this time it seems more natural and like jumping back on a bike.
I really hope our breastfeeding relationship continues for a long while yet xx Heres to 3.5 months Woody.


  1. I loved B'feedng too! I b'fed Em for 19 months and V for 12 months. As you would imagine V was not easy.

    Love this photo!

  2. Those eyes are divine, and I am so pleased for you both that breastfeeding is going well for you and Woody.

  3. Susan, Mum to MollyJanuary 11, 2012 8:48 PM

    Beautiful. Amazing.

    Soooo wish I'd taken more of these when my bubs were smaller...

    (Not that I had/have the skills or a good enough camera.)

    Must try and get one more before Miss W finally stops completely...

  4. Gorgeous photo - but I have to ask...How did you manage to take such a good shot while feeding him???

  5. You're a bit talented taking that snap and feeding at the same time!

    Gorgeous Woody ♥

    When I was waiting for the page to load, all I could see was the title and wondered if you were posting Pep's drawing! :P


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