Sunday, April 22, 2012

Morning with the stingrays.

Today we spent the morning playing with and feeding sting rays and sharks.  It is in a big warehouse with different pools and tanks.  You get into wetsuits or waders and into the water you go.
Cooper and Pepper were a little cautious about poison barbs but these beauties were safe for swimming.
Pepper loved being on the outside of the tank and feeding the rays with her little pole and hook.
Cooper was more adventurous and sat in the tank playing with the rays and loved being with Andrew and the 300kg Ray.
They are such gentle creatures and feel rather like velour as they come up close to you.


Oz ray and shark centre is in Dandenong, VIC.
It is not a cheap day out with our family visit costing $100.
For the same experience though at a big city aquarium it would have been double that price.
It is accessible all around the tanks.( wide pathways and little ramps for wheelchair users) Cooper used his walker and could feed the rays while still standing close to the tank.
To get into the big pools you have to go up 4 steps and then down a few steps.
You use their wetsuits and reef shoes.
2 accessible car spots available and an accessible change room/toilet. There are no showers which is a bit strange but at least you get to take the fishy smell home with you to remember your experience!

While you are in Dandenong head over to Little India for a meal you will not regret it!


  1. Your kids are braver than me :)

  2. It looks incredible Bron.

    I'll make a deal with you.
    You guys come over here, and we will take you all to Legoland, and then we will come and visit you, and you can take us to swim with the rays!

    Sounds likes a fun exchange doesn't it (well except for the flights - that bit would be tough).

  3. That looks amazing! We have a little section of a learning museum that has a pool with rays in them, but nothing you can really get into! I've touched one but Ingrid refused to get anywhere near, she was so freaked out! It looks so cool, I'm glad Cooper and Pepper enjoyed themselves :)

  4. These pics make me smile so much!!! Too cute! Have driven past that place a million times and never really knew what us was- it is awesome- what a great day out! Miss u guys xo Amy


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