Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bike riding

This is a moment I never thought possible.
I never really allowed myself to hope.
I never really imagined my kids to be out riding together, independently, excited, happy, proud.

Often the thing about disability is that you have to constantly reassess and reevaluate your ideas and expectations of normality. Everyday a new kind of normal is being created in your mind.

When I was growing up in suburban Melbourne I would spend all day on the weekend riding my bike, up and down the street, with friends, with neighbours, in and out of eachothers houses and exploring the neighbourhood.  We spent all day outside, playing, creating games, using our imaginations, filling the cubby with grass for carpet, jumping on the trampoline until dusk.

Being a parent I often have moments that I long to share with my kids of things I used to enjoy at thier age.  The difference is I was an abled bodied 7 year old and Cooper is not.  Our family is different to my growing up family.  Our son has a disability that then in turn really affects how we access activities outside the house. Its never as simple as us all walking out the door, jumping into the car or running down the street. Most things have to be planned, thought about. We have to organise how we are going to fit which bit of equipment into the car or how we are going to get to the event with a power wheelchair, or walker, or manual wheelchair.

The bike was introduced on the weekend. Thanks to my lovely friend Di for allowing up to borrow it and alloawing Cooper to experience this.

" I never knew I even wanted a bike" he said after riding all morning.

It was 8am on a Saturday, it was raining and there was no excuse not to get out there in it. My son was excited to ride by himself.  He did not care it was raining and neither did I. I have Fiona to thanks for endless inspiration of Swiss wet day activities and I am so glad I can finally celebrate that we too as a family could get outside and explore!

Cooper did have 2 stacks but got back up with grazed hands and started riding again.  He never gives up. He was thrilled to share his achievements with his class this morning as we excitedley watched the above little movie.

Once again Cooper has proved to me that it is okay to believe x


  1. Susan, Mum to MollyMay 22, 2012 10:14 PM

    Awesome cycling Cooper!

    Living the dream!

    Sounds like you might need some kids cycling gloves...

    FYI: my girls have some good ones made by Kathmandu and Bontrager.

    Wishing your kids many happy hours with the wind in their hair,

    Susan xx

  2. What an inspiring post Bron, but then that eldest boy of yours is destined to inspire many others along the way.

    I am so glad they had fun, and with a bit pf planning you got to have a 'normal' moment - trailing around the streets, early in the morning, in the pouring rain.

    Go Cooper and Pepper - way to keep Mummy on her toes!

  3. That is so fantastic to watch! Riding a bike around the neighbourhood really was a way of life as a kid! So happy for Cooper (and Pepper)

  4. Well done Cooper.
    What a great day you must have all had.

  5. What a great achievment..!!
    What a fun day..!!

    Beautiful post x

  6. Oh my goodness!!! Thats amazing to hear! I couldn't get the video to work but will try again another day. I'm pretty impressed just from the picture and story though!

  7. Oh Bron. That is 106 different kinds of awesome!!! That is amazing and I love that Cooper "didn't even know that he wanted a bike." I love it. xx

  8. So brilliant Bron and love Cooper's comment about not knowing he wanted a bike - sounds like he was geniunely surprised by how great bikes can be ;-). Keep that comment of his in the back of your mind next time he doesn't want to try something new - tell him he might love it as much as the riding. We'll have to get the boys together for a ride one day xx

  9. that is just so wonderful. Well done to BOTH of you.

  10. Bron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting for you all. We have just had a sort of vaguely similar experience today... http://youtu.be/nAxl1DAeUq8
    Georgie isn't nearly at the same level but it has taken us all by surprise.

    Missing you on Fb but still get your reasons. Hope all is well. Rach xoxo


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