Saturday, August 25, 2012

Search and destroy.

When Cooper was small I attended a Mothers Group set up by the local health nurse.

It was positive for the most part and I would come and go a bit especially around milestone times as it was too much to see Coopers peers crawl, walk, talk and run. Then the gap got so big that it did not matter anymore. It seemed so out of touch that I started to have our own normal and not compare.

One thing that I really remember is seven Mums sitting around when their kids were nearly one and comparing notes about how mobile their kids were. They would talk about how their kids would get into everything. They would seemingly complain that their kids would be searching through kitchen cupboards, going into the bathroom and eating things they should not.

I would sit there and wish it was my child. I would think " if only".

I thought having Cooper be able to move by himself at one would be devine. By the time Cooper could crawl ( at 2.7) he was smart enough to know not to touch a hot oven, not to eat dirt and did not think pulling every pan from the cupboard was exciting.

Today I sat and watched my baby boy fullfill the tasks I so wished Cooper could have done at eleven months old.

Woody ventures into each room in search and destroy mode.

He pulls out saucepans and bangs on them.

He puts a collander on his head.

He licks the fridge.

He pulls every bit of paper and magnet off the fridge.

He users his pincer grasp to pick up an old piece of sandwich and eats it.

Outside he picks up a chicken poo and puts it in his mouth. (ewww)

He eats dirt and leaves.

He puts two rolls of toilet paper in the toilet.


And you know what?

I wouldn't have it any other way. I have felt as a parent what it is like to have to change your expectations and when faced with normality once in a while I will cherish it.




  1. And I thought Ashlea's licking the TV was bad - chook poo beats that hands down!

  2. And he is so very cute! I totally get what you are saying...having a normal day rocks :)

    Our youngest walked at a very age, and I remember going to the Mothers group and sitting him down. The other parents were so upset that I was sitting him down instead of letting him walk - but I didnt want to because he was meant to be our baby. Seven and half months of age was way too young to walk as far as I was concerned.

    Yet with my oldest I couldnt wait for him to move. Now that he is 18 and moved out of home I treasure every normal moment with my other boys ~ wanting it to last and appreciate what I do have.

    So glad your little one is experiencing life and you are able to share it xxx

  3. oh bron, your pictures of woody are making me a bit broody!! you must stop!

    1. amber, three = crazy! Fun but crazy.....and who I am???? ;)

  4. Look how proud he is in the pic with his navy jumper! Too cute. Xo Amy

  5. I didn't really last the distance with my mums group. I felt they never really made the effort to take into account my very different experience - but have luckily stayed friends with a couple of them.
    Yucky to the chook poo! I caught Baby A trying to brush his teeth with the toilet brush in the village last week. Eewwwy. Di x

  6. Exactly!!! You put it into words so well! Kate xx

  7. Woody is such a gorgeous bub! Makes me clucky too! Jess xo

    1. I guess the fact he looks like your husband helps with the cluckiness! I still laugh thinking of the exact same reactions you and Jill had to Woodys bare bum! ;)


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