Friday, November 30, 2012


Well what a week! a week full of thankfulness, meetings, no blogging and generally running around like a mad thing! An extremely testing four year old, an active toddler and a sick then demanding seven year old!


To capture the week, I am thankful for:

  1. Monday was a curriculum day so an easy day at home, except that Cooper was sick.( high temps, sore throat)
  2. Cooper being sick meant he lay in bed for two days with limited whining!
  3. Pep loving her dancing class. Christmas concert coming soon, cute little reindeers!
  4. A beautiful little boy born in our part of the world.
  5. Taking new born baby photos and not feeling the least bit clucky!
  6. Cooper mastering the maths skill of counting by 2,s and 10,s in group Maths on Thursday.
  7. A really positive PSG meeting. Laughing as they described him as a social genuis!
  8. Grateful for such an amazing year this year for Cooper at school with another great year planned for 2013.
  9. Enrolling Pepper in 4 year old Kinder and finding the whole form filling out process bizarre as all I could write was her name and date of birth! ( I am used to pages and pages about all the services Cooper accesses)
  10. Watching Woody at a playcentre climb and climb and climb and play with the big kids.
  11. Woodys hair getting lighter and curling in the heat.
  12. Finding a nail to insert into the airconditioner to get it to start after the remote broke last night.
  13. Having a sleepover in our room while outside was 38oC.
  14. New baby chicks to adore. Their names are " Holly", " The Man" and " Oooooh" guess whose is whose?
  15. Going to the gym three times this week and loving the ability it has to clear my ever foggy mind.
  16. Indian for dinner tonight and watching Harry Potter with the kids.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend xx

flashback pic of Cooper @ Around 18 months xx


  1. Sounds great - so glad you got the aircon started!!

  2. Congrats Cooper! :) That's awesome about your math and meeting!!

    Love the photo, too - too cute!

  3. Sounds like a fab week (except for the sickness bit). Love the Cooper pic. He hasn't changed a bit. And love especially the comment at your SSG - sums up Cooper perfectly :). X Di


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